• Chestnut garlic:
    Cultivar: monoclonal, commercial chestnut garlic.
    Plant: upright, medium height, with long and wide leaves of deep green color, appearing open and in the shape of a palm leaf, with an emerging floral stem (hard-neck type).
    Bulb: medium size to large, balloon-like or somewhat pear-shaped, creamy white wrapping leaves strongly mixed up with purple and very good preservation.
    Cloves: 5 to 6, very large (8 gr on average), bright chestnut color, inserted in two fertile leaves.
  • Crop Cycle: 300 days
    Refrigerated Storage: Excellent aptness, entering to cold chambers in February/March at 0 degrees Celsius, 65% relative humidity, can be kept in perfect conditions until August/September.
    Organoleptic Characteristics: presents maximum preference in tasting panels, has a very smooth aroma, very intense flavor and quite pungent.
    Ajo Castano
  • White garlic:
    Cultivar: monoclonal, commercial white garlic.
    Plant: vigorous, erect, of wide and long leaves, soft green color, without emerging floral stem (soft-neck type).
    Bulb: flat, regular, great looking, sunken radical disk, potentially large size, with white color wrapping leaves.
    Cloves: contains 8 (+/- 2) large cloves, creamy white color, displayed in 3 or 4 fertile leaves.
  • Crop Cycle: from 230 to 240 days.
    Refrigerated Storage: excellent aptness, entering to cold chamber in February at 0 degrees Celsius and 65% relative humidity, can be kept in perfect conditions until August.
    Organoleptic Characteristics: of very high demand because of its intense aroma and mild flavor, medium pungency.
    Ajo Blanco
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